Information about JOBSTARTER plus in english

"JOBSTARTER plus" supports the goals of the national Alliance for Initial and Further Training 2015-2018 and is part of the Federal Government's Skills Development Initiative to strengthen educational opportunities and increase the permeability of the education system. It also forms part of the "Education Links to Obtain a Training Qualification" initiative.

The "JOBSTARTER plus" programme centres on the following goals:

  • strengthening in-company vocational training
  • unlocking new skilled labour potential

The programme sponsors innovative training strategies and services that help SMEs to recruit skilled labour and tap into new target groups. This also includes the development of close-to-enterprise strategies to improve the transition from school to vocational training. The funded regional projects within the JOBSTARTER plus programme test current VET policy topics in practice.

Building on the accompanying scientific work on the projects, the programme office, located at the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training, launches and coordinates nationwide specialised networks and relays the results back to the scientific community and interested members of the public through official publications and special events. In this respect, JOBSTARTER projects are both models for the particular region, and offer potential to transfer good practices across regions.

In the second round of funding of the JOBSTARTER plus programme, projects can be sponsored within the following four lines of funding:

  • structures of support and counselling for SMEs in economic sectors facing problems to find and place trainees for in-company vocational training or SMEs in economic or research clusters
  • fostering the participation of self-employed entrepreneurs and young people with a migration background including recently arrived immigrants and refugees in the dual VET system (Regional KAUSA Coordination Agencies)
  • interlocking of initial and continuing vocational education and training: supplementary qualifications during the vocational training in the dual system
  • development and trialling of interregional mobility to reduce disparities in regional training markets

Profile of the programme:

Thematic objective

C: Investing in education, training and vocational training for skills and life-long learning

Target group

  • Associations

Chambers, professional and inter-professional associations (legal entities under public and private law)


  • Federal Ministry of Education and Research